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Viking Heimdal


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Tall and handsome and known for his purity of heart and mind, Heimdal is the ever-vigilant guardian of the gods. Heimdal is blessed with extraordinary sight and hearing. He can see for 100 leagues and can hear the grass growing. His horn, Gjallarhorn, can be heard throughout heaven, earth and the lower world.

Viking Heimdal  |  Cruises

14-night France's Finest Cruise07/24/2024CALL

7-night Lyon and Provence Cruise09/04/2024from $3,899

14-night France's Finest Cruise10/16/2024CALL

7-night Lyon & Provence Cruise03/30/2025from $2,499

7-night Lyon & Provence Cruise06/01/2025from $2,999

7-night Lyon & Provence Cruise08/03/2025from $2,599

7-night Lyon & Provence River Cruise04/19/2026from $3,199

7-night Lyon & Provence River Cruise05/31/2026from $3,299

7-night Lyon & Provence River Cruise07/12/2026from $2,999

7-night Lyon & Provence River Cruise08/23/2026from $3,199

7-night Lyon & Provence River Cruise10/04/2026from $3,299

7-night Lyon & Provence River Cruise11/15/2026from $2,799

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