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Viking Baldur


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Baldur was everyone’s favorite, loved by both gods and mortals. Baldur was believed to be indestructible. So impervious to injury was he that, at banquets, guests used to amuse themselves by hurling objects at him. Nothing, it seemed, could harm him. Yet the malicious trickster Loki discovered that the one thing that could kill Baldur was mistletoe. He tricked Hodur into throwing a sprig of mistletoe at the beautiful and good Baldur, fatally wounding him.

Viking Baldur  |  Cruises

14-night Grand European Tour Cruise07/21/2024from $16,999

7-night Danube Waltz Cruise11/24/2024from $2,399

14-night Grand European Tour Cruise06/15/2025from $5,399

14-night Grand European Tour Cruise10/19/2025from $5,299

14-night Grand European Tour Cruise06/14/2026from $5,799

14-night Grand European Tour Cruise10/18/2026from $5,499

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