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Portugal and Spain continue to grow in popularity for travelers seeking unforgettable experiences in Europe – and a brand-new river cruise ship available to carry on with even more of the spectacular Douro River cruises. With spacious staterooms offering breathtaking views of Port Country, exquisite onboard cuisine, and the included amenities the guests have grown to love, the exceptional AmaSintra will debut in Portugal in 2025.

AmaSintra  |  Cruises

10-night Enticing Douro Cruise/Land Package03/25/2025CALL

7-night Enticing Douro Cruise04/25/2025from $4,199

10-night Enticing Douro Cruise/Land Package05/27/2025from $5,389

7-night Enticing Douro Cruise06/27/2025from $4,149

10-night Enticing Douro Cruise/Land Package07/29/2025from $4,889

7-night Enticing Douro Cruise08/29/2025from $4,599

10-night Enticing Douro Cruise/Land Package09/30/2025CALL

7-night Enticing Douro Cruise10/31/2025from $3,849

10-night Enticing Douro Cruise/Land Package12/02/2025from $4,139

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