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Internet / Wi-Fi

Prepaid Internet packages can be purchased in incremental packages, based on the number of minutes you plan to use. Internet access on Azamara ships is available on Deck 10 at In Touch, next to the Living Room. In Touch is available 24 hours a day, from the day of departure until 6:00 a.m. on debarkation day. Wi-Fi (Wireless Internet access) is also available through most of the ship. To take advantage of our wireless Internet service, you must bring your own laptop, which must have a wireless network card. Safari®, the default browser for Apple®, must be Version 3.0 or higher to ensure compatibility with the onboard wireless network. Due to the nature of Internet access at sea, service interruptions may occur.

Mobile Phones

Through an agreement with AT&T and Wireless Maritime Service, Azamara offers an advanced roaming network that lets you make and receive calls using your own mobile phone and telephone number.

GPRS Data Service
If your home carrier supports GPRS data service, you can use a mobile phone service with compatible GPRS data-capable devices to check email, surf the web, and share photos while traveling, just as you would at home. Charges will be billed by your home carrier.

Checking Voicemail
Most users can check their messages by pressing and holding the "1" key. Please note that some home carriers charge for messages deposited to and retrieved from voicemail while a customer is roaming. Contact your home carrier Customer Service department with any questions about using your voicemail.

Text Messaging
If your home carrier supports GSM, text-messaging service is available on compatible GSM devices.

Phone / Fax

Friends or family can reach you 24 hours a day via Azamara's Satellite Service.

Sending and Receiving Mail

You'll be able to mail postcards and letters from various ports of call. The Guest Relations staff can tell you how, when and where to post mail. Remember, in most cases you will probably arrive home before your mail. If incoming mail is received in port, it will be delivered to your stateroom as soon as possible.

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