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Viking Cuisine

The scent of rosemary on roasted lamb. The sight of scarlet tomatoes, plump and ripe. The way the pastry flakes in your fingers and melts in your mouth. You experience travel with all your senses and food that indulges every one of them is food that you never forget. With Viking, you celebrate food in all its glory as their chefs use fresh, locally sourced ingredients in the creation of authentic dishes bursting with flavor. On board and on shore, you discover that food is something to be sampled, savored and, above all, enjoyed.


The Viking pledge to bring you exceptional choices extends to your dining experience, with a variety of cuisine that you can enjoy where and when you like. Greet the morning with a sumptuous breakfast buffet in the elegant Restaurant. Or take in sweeping vistas on the Aquavit Terrace® as you enjoy a croissant and fresh cup of coffee. Lunch presents yet more choice with a selection of inspiring dishes. When evening falls, the artistry in the kitchen transforms into a masterpiece of a five-course dinner, with a menu that incorporates traditional influences as well as contemporary cuisine. To be an occasion, it must be shared. And there is no more relaxing place to share good food, wine and stories with friends, both old and new, than in their intimate dining venues.


With an array of lighter choices and vegetarian dishes, Viking chefs provide a selection of balanced options. And, because some days you may feel like a simple supper, a perfectly grilled steak, chicken breast or salmon and Caesar salad are always an option.


Freshly brewed coffee in the Viking Lounge on a river ship or a cappuccino in The Living Room on an ocean ship as you gaze at the early morning mist. Iced tea on the Aquavit Terrace as you pass villages shaped by time. A bottle of fine local wine with lunch or dinner. You can enjoy it all, included in your cruise fare.


Accompany the chef on a trip to the local market. Discover why herbs are a cook’s best friend. Meet local producers of fine food and wine. Or participate in tastings, cooking classes and hands-on demonstrations—the perfect way to expand your mind and satisfy your taste buds. With Viking, food is never just for sustenance, it’s a joy to be shared.


Guests have the opportunity to dine al fresco on the Aquavit Terrace, as well as the Sun Deck on a Viking Longship or the World Café on an ocean ship. Relaxing amid ever-changing landscapes, this is the perfect casual dining experience.


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